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The District’s wastewater collection system includes sewer mains, lift stations, and a wastewater treatment plant. The Counter Drive Lift Station, located at 8315 Counter Drive, is one of eleven current lift stations the District owns and operates, and receives wastewater from the Hazeltine Heights and Belle Creek neighborhoods.

The lift station contains pumps that discharge the wastewater up and out of the neighborhood towards 104th Avenue, where it then flows by gravity towards the wastewater treatment plant. Maintenance and upgrades are an important part of the District’s work. As part of this ongoing work, the Counter Drive Lift Station Improvements Project will provide needed upgrades to the lift station site in the event of a lift station outage.

One of the most important aspects of this project is the installation of a buried emergency overflow tank, which is sized to provide the District 90 minutes of response time to execute their emergency response plan during an outage. This amount of response time is pivotal to prevent backups into the nearby sewers and service lines during an emergency outage. Other aspects of the project include replacing the pumps and motors at the lift station, which will allow the lift station to continue to operate as it was designed well into the future, along with the installation of a new building to house the lift station, new fencing around the site, and other ancillary improvements. During construction the Hazeltine Heights neighborhood will be impacted to varying degrees by construction activities for the duration of the project. Some impacts that the neighborhood may notice are:

  • Increased traffic in the area due to construction workers and material deliveries and haul-off,
  • Increased noise during the day due to active construction,
  • Noise throughout the day and night when bypass pumps are in use (similar to current pump noise at the station)
  • Occasional, short closures of Counter Drive adjacent to the site for periodic equipment deliveries.
 Construction is expected to begin in mid-May 2024 and be completed by the end of the year. For any questions about the project please reach out to the Distribution, Collections & Development Manager, Marc Johns, by phone at 720-206-0511 or email 

Counter Dr Lift station before construction