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A water and sewer facility access permit ensures notification and coordination of work done requiring access or disturbance of the District’s water distribution or sewer conveyance system. The permit is designed to:

  1. Protect the system from damage and disruption
  2. Protect the health of the public
  3. Protect the safety of district or other personnel working on or in the system
  4. Allow for coordinated tracking of work done on or near the system
Access in this case is considered operating valves, accessing manholes, sample or data collection, entering facilities, causing something to enter lines (i.e. tools, sample bottles, lines, cameras, etc.) It also includes work near the immediate vicinity of District lines which could impact their operation or integrity.

This permit does not apply to water or sewer line tapping or maintenance.
It also does not apply to work on District water or sewer lines.
A separate permit, contract, or approval mechanism is required for these tasks.

Permit Requirements

Permittees are required to:

  • Complete the water and sewer facility access permit and receive approval from SACWSD
  • Notify the District of the times of entry
  • Comply with applicable confined space and traffic control rules and regulations
  • Allow access by a District inspector if requested
  • Provide any data obtained from entry activities (video, sampling results, etc.)
There is no fee for a facility access permit. The permit is designed to keep the District informed of work on/near its lines and the public and workers safe.

Please fill out the Water & Sewer Facility Access Permit Application Below: