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The Colorado Revised Statutes have required that water suppliers provide cross-connection control within their own water supply systems since the mid 1960’s. Regulation 11 has required that the cross connections be controlled since the mid 1980’s. Commercial and residential facilities are required to protect the potable water supply in accordance with the local jurisdictional plumbing code. If there is not a local code the Colorado Plumbing Code applies.

What does backflow mean exactly?  In a water system backflow is when water that is inside of pipework from a building, apartment complex or irrigation system is drawn back into the water distribution system by backpressure or back siphonage. Backpressure would be when the pressure of the end user exceeds the pressure of the distribution system.  Back siphonage is when there is a sudden drop of pressure in the distribution system caused by firefighting, main breaks, and hydrant flushing.

CDPHEs regulations for backflow prevention and cross-connection control (Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations, 5 CCR 1002-11, Section 11.39) set forth guidelines that help SACWSD protect the community water system from backflow events that could affect water Quality. For more information visit the CDPHEs backflow prevention and cross-connection control (BPCCC) web page.

At SACWSD our Backflow Specialist Team is a professional resource for the community to assist and inform users about their backflow system requirements.  Support is available to get entities connected with inspections services and provide guidelines for appropriate equipment and repairs.  As a water provider we strive to deliver a uniform product to all of our users, we really appreciate your help in maintaining the quality of water we provide.

Backflow Prevention Program Requirements

The backflow prevention program protects the District's water system from possible contamination caused by a backflow event. These events happen when contamination is allowed to enter the drinking water system through a cross connection.

Commercial water users are required to:

  1. Install a backflow prevention device.
  2. Test upon installation and on an annual basis. It is the customer’s responsibility to have annual testing completed by a certified tester. A list of testers can be found here.
  3. Submit reports to the District’s Backflow Program Office by email at All reports must be submitted  by August 31 of each year. 

For further assistance contact:
Chet Palmer
Commercial Programs Backflow Specialist
Office: 720-206-0498
Cell: 720-242-4376

Becky Flores

Commercial Programs Backflow Specialist
Office: 720.206.0566
Cell: 720.665.7787
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Test Form Template for Certified Backflow Testers

Certified Backflow Testers


The South Adams County Water and Sanitation District’s Backflow Prevention Program, in conjunction with State Drinking Water Regulations and the CDPHE, require that all technicians have one of the following certifications, ASSE or ABPA.

Certified Testers List

The Certified Testers List is provided as a resource to assist the District’s water service customers in finding a contractor to complete testing and installations of backflow prevention devices, as needed. The District makes no representation regarding the abilities, performance, or quality of these resources, nor does the District assume or accept any responsibilities for the actions of testers or testers/installers named on the list.

We recommend that customers exercise judgment when contracting with any testers/installers, and to call several different testers for pricing and availability before setting an appointment for testing. Testing of devices usually vary from $50 to $150.