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Wastewater InformationThe District’s Williams Monaco Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at 9702 Monaco Street in Henderson, Colorado.

The District's wastewater collection system consists of over 300 miles of sewer mains (pipes), ranging from 8" to 30" in diameter. These pipes convey wastewater from homes, businesses, and industries to the Williams Monaco Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The majority of the system operates by gravity. However, 12 pump stations operate where flows must be lifted uphill. The stations are equipped with duplicate pumps and emergency power generators. Preventative maintenance and daily inspections keep the pump stations in top operating condition.

Sewer Main Cleaning and Inspections

Sewer main cleaning and inspections are part of an on-going program to keep obstructions from blocking wastewater flow.

Mobile equipment, utilizing high-pressure water, clears obstruction and scours debris from the mains. The cleaning operation continues daily, weather permitting, resulting in complete system coverage every 1 1/2 years.
Closed-circuit television is sometimes used to locate and identify problems, and inspect the physical condition of the sewer mains.


Biosolids are the nutrient-rich solid organic matter recovered from the wastewater treatment process. SACWSD produces Class B Biosolids which meet EPA and State regulations for land application.

Biosolids undergo a two-stage biological digestion process that chemically stabilizes the material and reduces pathogens (disease-causing bacteria, viruses and parasites) and odor. The biosolids are then put through a rotary press to squeeze out the water. The pressed biosolids are then transported to agricultural fields and applied. They benefit the soil by providing organic content as well as nitrogen and phosphorus that plants need.

Avoiding and Managing Wastewater Sewer Backups

The SACWSD public sewer system and private sewer lines may experience a blockage causing a backup into the system. Backups can be the result of grease build-up or the entry of non-disposable items into the system such as wipes flushed down the toilet. In time the grease and non-disposable items will clog the sewer lines and nothing can flow past the clog resulting in a backup.

SACWSD regularly monitors and maintains the sewer mains throughout the District. However, unidentified blockages do occur within South Adams' 65 sq. mile service area, through no fault of the District. Property owners may not be aware that there may be a problem in their own sewer lines on their private property.

Help prevent a wastewater sewer backup by practicing the following guidelines and suggestions:

  • Never pour grease down sink drains, garbage disposals or toilets.
  • Dispose of heavy paper products in the garbage (e.g. paper towels, diapers, wipes etc.)
  • Do not throw debris, rocks or dirt down manholes or into storm water drains, and please report any suspicious activity to the police. 
  • Remove trees/tree roots that are growing near or over your sewer service lines.
  • Restaurants and commercial building owners must have grease interceptors that are properly designed, installed and regularly maintained. 
If you do experience a sewer back up call the District immediately at 303-288-2646 to help identify where the blockage occurred. 

Do Not Pull Manhole Covers to Drain Stormwater

Stormwater entering the collection system due to pulled manhole covers can overwhelm sewer pipes and the treatment plant.

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