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To check the status of your review, please refer to the City of Commerce City's eTRACKiT portal. eTRACKiT is the primary platform used for all permit and project review communications within the City of Commerce City. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding your review, please email us at

Whether you are looking to remodel your home, build a new building, or develop infrastructure within the District, you must submit your project to the District for review and approval. Below select the application that best fits what you will be doing. For any questions about the development review process please email

Submit the Application Right for You

Developer Residential &
Commercial Tenant Finish
All commercial, industrial, retail, and/or multi-family projects where businesses share space with residential tenants (including apartments, mobile home parks, duplexes, etc.) are required to complete this Application when completing shell and core finish, ownership changes, operational changes, establishing a new lease, or making modifications to facilities. 

Neighborhood/Subdivision Developer/Builder

All planned unit permit (PUP) planned unit development (PUD), official unit development (ODP), subdivision, mixed-used developments (commercial, industrial, and/or retail), shell and core, and/or multi-family projects (including apartments, mobile home parks, duplexes, etc.) are required to complete and submit this application.

Irrigation & Fire Line
Improvement Application

All projects that are installing new or remodeling irrigation and building fire lines (including commercial, residential apartments, mobile home parks, duplexes, etc.) are required to complete this application. 

Home Remodel Application
All home remodel, new singular home, construction, and abandonment of water/sewer systems onsite (e.g. septic system removal and water well abandonment) are required to complete this application if there is a change in ownership, operation, new lease, or modifications to the facilities. 

All completed applications must be emailed to the District’s development department at

Do you need to verify if a project is in South Adams County Water & Sanitation District? Review the District's service area map below to verify a project is located in the District. 

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