All of South Adams County Water

Whether you are looking to remodel your home, build a new building, or develop infrastructure within the District, you must submit your project to the South Adams County Water and Sanitation District (SACWSD) for review and approval.

Please review the steps below to properly submit a project for plan review. If you have any questions, please email the Development Department at

that the property is located within the SACWSD service area and is currently included in the District.

    • Verify if your project is located within the SACWSD's service area using the map below.

    • Verify if the property or parcel is currently being levied taxes to the District.
      (This is considered being "included" in the District)

To verify if the property is being levied taxes, please see: Obtain and Review your Property Report from Adams County.

! If the property or parcel is not currently being levied taxes to SACWSD, you must complete the inclusion process prior to the final approval of your project. Please review the District’s Property Inclusion Packet. Email all inclusion documents to

If you have been asked to provide a "Will Serve" aka "Preliminary Contact" letter:

Review SACWSD's requirements for plan documents before submitting to the District

    • Before making a submittal, you must refer to and comply with the requirements outlined within the following SACWSD documents:

NOTE: Plans will not be reviewed if all required items are not included as part of the initial submittal.

    • If you are looking to remodel a home or construct a new, singular home, you are not required to submit full construction plan documents.

Please click here to see a Home Remodel Sample Plan Detail.

! The District reserves the right to charge review fees as a result of reviews by its third party engineer to ensure conformance with its Master Plan. In such instances, the District will inform the PROPERTY OWNER and the OWNER’S REPRESENTATIVE of the anticipated charges for review.

Select and complete the Plan Review Application that best applies to your project below:

These projects include Planned Unit Permits (PUP), Planned Unit Developments (PUD), Official Unit Developments (ODP), subdivisions, mixed-use developments (such as commercial, industrial, and/or retail), shell and core buildings, multi-family developments (including apartments, mobile home parks, duplexes, etc.).

These projects include shell and core finishes, modifications to facilities, ownership changes, operational changes, or the establishment of new leases for any commercial, industrial, or retail properties, as well as multi-family properties where businesses share space with residential tenants (including apartments, mobile home parks, duplexes, etc.).

These projects include all home remodels, new singular home construction, and abandonment of water/sewer systems onsite (such as septic system removal or water well abandonment).

These projects include installing a new or remodeling an existing irrigation and/or fire line system (including commercial, residential apartments, mobile home parks, duplexes, etc.). These projects do not include construction or modification of any other water or sewer facilities on the property.

How to submit the Plan Review Application and Plans for SACWSD review.

    • Has the property been annexed into the City of Commerce City?

As of May 2023, properties that are currently annexed into the City of Commerce City must submit all project plan review documents through Commerce City’s eTRACKiT portal.

All comments, updates, and approvals for plan reviews will be communicated through the City’s eTRACKiT Portal which will notify the applicant whenever new information is submitted regarding their project.

You can find more information on the City of Commerce City’s website by clicking here: eTRACKiT Portal Information


Please see below for properties located in Unincorporated Adams County.

    • Is the property located in Unincorporated Adams County?

Projects that are located in Unincorporated Adams County (which are not currently annexed into the City of Commerce City) must submit all plan review documents directly to the South Adams County Water and Sanitation District’s Development Department by emailing