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Website Accessibility Policy

This accessibility policy was approved by the South Adams County Water & Sanitation District board of directors on May 8, 2024.

The South Adams County Water & Sanitation District is fully committed to providing accessible facilities, elements, and channels of communication to all members of the public. As part of this commitment, the District has a policy of providing an accessible website compatible with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) and commercial screen reading software. All features of the website are coded to allow individuals with vision and other impairments to understand and use the website to the same degree as someone without disabilities. We welcome feedback and can often resolve issues in a timely manner if they arise.

Ongoing Compliance Information

Compliance Procedures and Reports

In addition to performing a website accessibility audit and coding our website to WCAG standards, the South Adams County Water & Sanitation District regularly scans its website to ensure ongoing compliance and makes timely changes to any inaccessible items, if any are found.

Compliance Officer

The South Adams County Water & Sanitation District has designated Public Affairs Coordinator, Theresa Friess as its compliance officer for website disability-related accommodations. The compliance officer has received training in website accessibility and updates the site in accordance with those best practices. If anyone needs any special assistance, accommodations, or to report an issue, please contact our accessibility officer, Theresa Friess, at or by phone at 720-206-0560.