All of South Adams County Water

What is the goal of the project?
The objective of the Klein Enhancement project is to treat PFAS in the District's drinking water sources. To achieve this goal, the project will involve the design and construction of an ion-exchange treatment plant. Ion-exchange is considered a best available technology for treatment of PFAS compounds.

Why is this project needed?
It is necessary for the District to develop this project in order to comply with anticipated EPA regulations regarding PFAS and to take full advantage of our water rights, while continuing to provide high quality water to our customers. 

How is the District treating PFAS until the project is complete?
The District is actively treating PFAS to a non-detect level by optimizing the use of our Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) treatment system, and purchasing additional water supplies from Denver Water. The District regularly monitors PFAS levels in our finished drinking water to assure they are below the non-detect level. 

What is the timeline for construction?
Construction is anticipated to take place from early 2024 until late 2026.
Below is a rendering of the future ion-exchange treatment plant.
SACWSD Rendering

How will this project be funded?
The total cost of the project is approximately $80 million. To pay for the project, SACWSD applied for grant funding that was made available through the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to mitigate emerging contaminants in communities like Commerce City that qualify as disadvantaged under state and federal criteria. SACWSD has been awarded nearly $61 million in federal grant funds and expects to bridge the project funding gap with a low-interest loan through Colorado’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.

Where will the project be located?
The project will be constructed just west of the current Klein Water Treatment Facility at 7400 Quebec St, Commerce City, CO 80022.
Project location west of Klein Treatment Facility

For questions or comments about the project please contact the project manager Kipp Scott by email at or phone at 720-206-0567.