All of South Adams County Water

How to schedule a locate

If you're digging deep or even just a few inches, you must contact Colorado 811 to have underground utilities marked.

Please dial 811, or call 1-800-922-1987, or visit Colorado 811 for more information and/or to request a locate.

Locates will not be performed on private property. A private locate company must be contacted for locating facilities within your property lines. You can find a list of private utility locating companies provided by Colorado 811 in their "Additional Resources" menu here: Private locating companies by county.

Inspections & Inspection Requests

  • Planned Unit Development Inspections

Requests for inspections related to water and sewer infrastructure installations shall be submitted in writing to the District at before backfilling any open trench.

  • Meter Pit Inspection Requests
Initial Meter Pit Inspections

An Initial Meter Pit Inspection is performed once tap fees have been paid to the District for a particular address. Please also see the Tap Fees page. Tap fees must be delivered to the Tap Fee Administrator along with a completed Domestic & Irrigation Meter Pit Installation Certification of Completeness Form to our main office located at 6595 E 70th Ave., Commerce City, CO 80022.

Once tap fees are received, approved, and processed, the Initial Meter Pit Inspection will be scheduled within five to seven business days. Requests for Initial Meter Pit Inspections should NOT be requested unless you are postponing or re-scheduling the inspection. 

Final Meter Pit Inspections

Final Meter Pit Inspection requests must be submitted through Commerce City's eTrackIt Portal as well as emailed to SACWSD by completing the Inspection Request Form. Any outstanding fees or fines must be paid before requesting an inspection. Final Inspections will be performed within 48 hours after the request has been made.

A Final Meter Pit Inspection must be performed before obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

Once a Final Inspection has been passed, CO will immediately be uploaded to the City of Commerce City's eTrackIt Portal, or emailed to Adams County and/or any other authorized jurisdictions.

To schedule or reschedule a final meter pit inspection, or to ONLY reschedule an initial inspection, please complete the Inspection Request Form

  • Service Line Inspections

Service line inspections are completed the following day after the request was sent to SACWSD, not including the day the request was submitted. Inspection requests must be received before 3:00 p.m. on the day prior to your requested inspection date to ensure next day inspection. Requests received on Friday, before 3:00 PM will be performed the following Monday. See Inspection Operating Hours below for more information regarding scheduling after hours inspections.

To schedule a Service Line inspection, please complete the Inspection Request Form

Procedures for repairs and replacement of water and sewer lines

Please review the following procedures required to repair or replace a water or sewer line in the District service area:

Inspection Operating Hours

Except for emergencies, inspections of new facilities by the District shall not be performed or scheduled between 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m., Monday through Friday, nor on weekends or holidays. If a inspection is required to be performed outside the normal operating times, the District shall be contacted at least one week in advance of the required inspections to make the appropriate arrangements. If the contractor requires an inspection performed outside of normal operating times, a $100.00 per hour inspection fee shall be assessed once the inspection has been completed.

How to Cancel an Inspection

To cancel any inspection, please submit your request by completing the Inspection Request Form no later than 9:00 a.m. on the day of the inspection. Failure to cancel and/or re-schedule an inspection will be treated as a failed inspection. 

Use of Jumpers


A "jumper" refers to a section of service line pipe that is installed in place of a water meter to allow the use of testing water in the service line. Any person found using a jumper will be assessed a penalty by the District in the amount of $1,000.

If a jumper is found during a scheduled meter pit inspection, the inspection will immediately fail and the re-inspection fee will be charged along with the fine for the jumper. 

Construction water is available from the District provided the contractor utilizes an approved and tested 3-inch hydrant meter. A 3-inch hydrant meter, if available, can be supplied by the District to the contractor for the required deposit and under the terms and conditions outlined in the District's hydrant meter agreement. 

See Section 1.14 of the District Design and Construction Standards

See also: Hydrant Water Usage Policies and Procedures & Hydrant/Construction Water Information page.


Penalties vary depending on the severity of infraction and may result in the loss of the privilege to hold a permit with the District.

Payments of fees and fines

Please contact the administration office at 303-288-2646 to schedule your payment for any fines or fees. You must have your invoice number when you contact the administration office for payment.