All of South Adams County Water

South Adams County Water and Sanitation District (“District”) has contracted with Brannan Construction Company (“Brannan”) to construct nearly 4,900 linear feet of 12-inch irrigation water line with most of the construction taking place out of the roadway along Chambers Road between E 103rd Place to 96th Avenue. There will be some work on adjacent side streets off Chambers Road as well.

Harvest Meadows and Fronterra Village developments are on the District’s dual water system, which is comprised of separate irrigation and potable water systems. To date, the irrigation systems for these developments have been fed by potable water due to limited irrigation water supply. With the recent addition of a supply well near the South Platte River and the completion of a nearby irrigation transmission line in 2022, there is now available irrigation water for these developments. The purpose of this project is to install additional irrigation infrastructure so that the irrigation systems in these developments can be converted off the potable system, and be supplied by the irrigation system. 

Brannan and its sub-contractors will begin mobilizing crews on or about the week of February 5, 2024 in the area of Chambers Street north of 96th Avenue to begin pipeline construction. This project will mainly limit construction to the western side of Chambers road out of the roadway, although there will be some lane closures necessary to complete the pipeline installation.

Construction could impact lanes and traffic within Chambers Road. If there are any roadway impacts, traffic will be managed with roadway signs and flaggers to maintain accessibility and ensure vehicles can move through the project area. Brannan will have sign boards with applicable messaging about upcoming traffic pattern changes.

The overall construction project is expected to be completed by June 4th, but most of the pipeline installation on the western side of Chambers Road (and work to side streets off Chambers) will be completed by April 15th. This tentative schedule and plan are dependent on weather.

For any questions or concerns please contact the SACWSD Distribution, Collection & Development Manager, Marc Johns, at 720-206-0590 or by e-mail at

A map of the project location on Chambers Road from East 96th Ave to East 103rd Place